Get Bizsynced

What if you started with the basics before venturing into that wild world of bits and bytes? What if you had a plan that unified your message across all of your media? What if that message told people what they really want to know about you? What if you talked to them in a way that said they mattered to you and that you mattered to them and that you could address their needs in a way that mattered to both of you?

Take that a step further. What if everyone in your company gave the same message to people inside and outside the company so that you and your prospects were engaged everywhere you encountered each other? In your office, in their office, on the phone, at trade shows and – yes – on the Internet? What if everybody and everything were synchronized or synced so that even a Tweet could help build your brand and your sales people all gave the same spiel?

Enough with the what-ifs.

Great businesses are built on great brands. To build your brand, you need to deliver a consistent brand experience that your employees understand, your customers want and you know how to promote. Pulling it all together can be confusing and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

We can do it for you by digging deep below the surface of your business – beyond what you do to why you do it – to uncover the truth that makes you unique and makes customers want to do business with you. Then we’ll provide the roadmap for getting everyone and everything in sync behind that truth.

We call it getting BizSynced®. And you don’t have to go to a high-priced Madison Avenue address to get it.

What is BizSynced? BizSynced is a strategic branding and marketing process that enables you to provide a consistent, memorable brand experience for everyone your brand touches, both inside and outside your company. The centerpiece is the comprehensive BizSynced brand guide that identifies your advantages and gives you everything you need to carve out your unique value in the marketplace and drive business.

What does BizSynced do? BizSynced gives you a clear, consistent and unique visual and verbal identity and the tools to align everyone – from management, sales and marketing to customers – behind that identity. As a result, you will be able to:

  • Provide everyone with a consistent and appropriate brand experience
  • Give sales the right messages to streamline and close faster
  • Increase overall business efficiency
  • Adjust quickly to market changes to remain relevant
  • Create a powerful digital presence
  • Convey a larger brand presence faster

BizSynced is smart business. With your people and processes all synced behind one unified vision, you and your people will be smarter and more efficient than your un-synced competition.

How do you get BizSynced? It starts with a half-day workshop for your key people. You’ll come away with a list of things to do to get synced. You can stop there – or have us build and execute your BizSynced brand roadmap.

The BizSynced process has worked for companies in the United States, Europe and Asia.