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At FLETCH, we’re all parents. So, we really get what our newest client is doing. In a nutshell, it’s a market disrupter that will give parents and caregivers access to vital information they can’t easily get right now.

Currently, if parents are concerned that their young child’s behavior might not be quite right, they have nowhere to go with their questions. Few primary care pediatricians have qualified clinicians on staff or have the time during a regular office visit to discuss behavioral issues. Friends and family, though well meaning, are no substitute for professional advice. And social media aren’t either.

Luckily, they will soon have Healthy Child Development as an interactive resource for their behavioral questions. To get the company started, we used their comprehensive business plan to create the logo of a happy child and a landing page to attract and inform potential financial partners.

We’re happy thinking of all the concerned parents Healthy Child Development is going to help.


“We’re a startup in the pre-revenue phase. FLETCH instinctively knew that we needed a strong message to get started and is continuing to help us strategically.”

Brandon S. Aylward, PhD
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Healthy Child Development

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