Kimberly-Clark Healthcare (NOW HALYARD HEALTH)

Product Launch


Medical solution packaged to differentiate in saturated ANZ surgical market.

3 months

Identity development timeline while waiting for CE approval.


Launch focused on Australia and New Zealand’s surgical market.


Adapted marketing approach to local terminology and culture. Received accolades for regionally-centric marketing.


Kimberly-Clark, in response to the frustration medical facilities in Australia and New Zealand were experiencing, with local surgical pack vendors, created a new and more convenient solution. Called KimPack, this new offering provided superior gowns and sterilization procedures, convenient pack delivery, and never before seen cost transparency for healthcare administrators.

With KimPack in hand, Kimberly-Clark needed a creative team, who understood global marketing, to develop high impact design and messaging to quickly differentiate and surpass regional competition.


We met with KimPack’s sales and marketing team in the U.S. and Australia to understand the product and its commercial goals. With this information, we honed in on KimPack’s unique positioning in the market and translated that into a set of creative and messaging concepts to help package and launch this new product in operating theaters across Australia and New Zealand.

Our efforts included everything from developing messaging and brochures to videos and product launch event pieces. Furthermore, all pieces were localized to boost clarity and impact.


Working alongside the global marketing and commercialization team, we quickly packaged KimPack and helped them successfully launch the product in Queensland, Australia. The materials developed also facilitated on-site sales training and the creation of a KimPack product launch kit to help kick-off sales to medical facilities within the region.

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