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FastStart for StartUps

We love coffee. We also love startups. So, when we were approached by a passionate coffee-lover who had walked away from corporate America to live her dream of starting her own high-quality coffee company, we departed from our usual B2B focus and put on our B2C hats. We knew we’d made a good decision after we tasted her coffee.

Knowing that specialty coffees are sold as much on their story as on their beans, we got to know this brave caring woman, who was planning to give ten percent of her profit to worthy local charities. Even though we’re gourmet coffee aficionados, we took nothing for granted. We researched the market, defined her ICP (ideal customer profile), wrote her story and encapsulated it in the tagline “Sourced Globally, Shared Locally.”

We’re looking forward to her official launch.


“I’ve been a corporate person my whole career. FLETCH is helping me go for my dream of making specialty coffee for people who really care. FLETCH understands the financial constraints of starting a business and has perfectly balanced fact and emotion to give me powerful messaging expressed through my new tagline and packaging. I’m looking forward to Phase 2.”

Kathy Pollard
Spirit Coffee Roasters

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