Brand Transformation


Years of history centralized into one updated corporate brand.


Brand standard guide & marketing pages with new messaging.


Employees and partners activated with new brand.


Multiple ZORN offices converted and thousands of customers in the region impacted by new brand.


ZORN insurance is a family-owned business, headquartered in Vidalia, Georgia.  For more than 60 years the company has been passed on from generation to generation – always expanding their services but never updating their brand to truly represent the larger company they had become.

To mark their 60th anniversary, ZORN decided it was time to transform their brand in order to help the company resonate with today’s buyers and keep it on the growth trajectory of previous generations.


We worked closely with ZORN executives to wrap our arms around the company’s products and services, spirit and culture, as well as future goals and objectives. With that knowledge in hand, FLETCH developed a verbal and visual identity that was more representative of who the company had become – and what they aspired to be.

Furthermore, this new messaging and creative clarity was inserted into a new set of marketing pieces designed to reinforce their updated brand and continue to facilitate the sales process.


The ZORN brand was transformed from a seemingly small family-owned business to a more corporate entity – truly representative of the growth the company had achieved with each generation. The strength of its history and outstanding business track record was translated into a solid brand that differentiates them in the market.

With a revitalized brand, more targeted buyer-centric messaging, updated marketing materials and detailed brand standard guidelines, ZORN is positioned for accelerated growth.

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