What’s the one thing the world’s most successful companies have that
you don’t?

Sure, they have great products, with great features and benefits, great pricing and great distribution. You probably do too. But the most valuable thing they have is their brand – a brand based on a strategy that sets them apart from their competition, attracts investors, excites customers and engages their own people.

In today’s hyper-digital world, businesses looking for a new website or help launching a new product are under pressure to bypass marketing and branding strategy and produce immediate results. But while you can automate some of your tactics, you can’t automate your thinking.

So where do you go?

Your most obvious choices are website design firms, digital marketing firms and traditional full-service ad agencies. The first two aren’t likely to tie their work to your business goals. Granted, they may offer branding or marketing strategy as an extra service, but it’s not their focus, and they don’t see it as foundational. And while traditional agencies can do it all, you’ll pay dearly for their large overhead.

Without a brand strategy as your foundation, do you really have a brand?

It takes more than features and benefits posted on a flashy new website, a blog and a few tweets to give you what Apple, Google, Coke and other global leaders have. They know success comes only when they have a clear and compelling brand with messaging that aligns with their business goals and then aligns every facet of their business behind it. They’re global because no matter where they go, everyone both inside and outside the company understands WHY they exist and WHY their product or service is better than everybody else’s.

You don’t have to be big to think big.

By syncing your marketing with your business goals and the wants and needs of your customers, you can create a brand that is so clear and compelling it allows you to sync everyone inside and outside your company behind it. Your employees will know exactly what they need to do to grow the business. Your customers will understand how you uniquely meet their needs. Everyone will breath the same air. This is how you sell more. This is how you build a solid brand.

Marketing and business objectives should be joined in an eloquent dance.

Let your business goals lead your marketing, and you’ll see marketing not as an unnecessary expense but as the key to your success. In accounting, a brand is considered an intangible asset. A brand that syncs your company can be the most valuable asset on your balance sheet.

Do you still want a new website?

Do you still need help with a new campaign? Before you spend any of your precious budget, we urge you to build a foundation on which you can grow your business for years to come by working with a partner who will put the needs of your business first and then sync everything together.

We call it getting BizSynced.

What Our Clients Say

AMT's marketing is BizSynced. Ask Kenny Lim

AMT is headquartered in Singapore and we needed a firm that could help us grow our footprint in Asia, the United States and Europe. FLETCH has provided us with the research, insight and creative thinking we needed to expand our brand and launch new products.”

Kenny Lim
Head of Product Marketing
Advanced Materials Technologies

Dornier's marketing is BizSynced. Ask Mary Butler

“The FLETCH team is creative, strategic and business-oriented. Their marketing leadership helps Dornier MedTech meet deadlines, achieve our goals, differentiate globally and shine every day.”

Mary Butler
Chief Technology Officer
Dornier MedTech, GmbH

NYX's marketing is BizSynced. Ask Jen Croker

NYX Health Group needed a strategic partner to simplify our brand voice while helping sync our marketing and sales efforts. FLETCH’s ability to meet immediate short-term needs and at the same time develop much-needed brand consistency was done with an extremely high level of expertise.”

Jen Croker
Director of Business Development
NYX Health Group

FORTAMUS's marketing is BizSynced. Ask John Head

BizSynced has allowed FORTAMUS to stop reinventing the wheel with every project. Do the Brainstorm.”

John Head
FORTAMUS Insurance Services