For 10 years, we’ve been a valuable B2B branding, advertising and marketing partner for companies of all shapes and sizes

With almost 2 billion websites worldwide, we’re drowning in information. The average landing-page bounce rate is only seven seconds. How do you break through and get traction? A list of features and benefits won’t do it. But a powerful message will – one that makes people, stop, look, listen and feel.


FastStart for StartUps™

Are you a startup with a potentially game-changing product wanting to frame your message for investors? An established company seeking to tweak or even completely reboot your brand? FastStart is a complete arsenal of branding and marketing tools that will make customers and investors take you seriously form the start. It provides the basic brand framework to build on as you grow. Don’t launch without it.

BizSynced is our trademarked way of aligning sales, marketing and everyone else within the company to reach business goals faster. It provides the necessary verbal and visual components needed to communicate consistently and clearly – just like global brands. It allows companies to stop reinventing the wheel with every project and is the core belief behind everything we do.

Case Studies

B2B integrated marketing and communication strategies that work

Atlanta B2B branding, advertising and marketing firm serves life insurance industry leader

“FLETCH has given us a firm marketing foundation that keeps us from reinventing the wheel with every project.”

John Head
FORTAMUS Insurance Services

Atlanta B2B branding, advertising and marketing firm serves health care financial services company

“NYX Health needed a strategic partner to simplify our brand voice while helping sync our marketing and sales efforts. FLETCH’s ability to meet immediate short-term needs and at the same time develop much-needed brand consistency was done with an extremely high level of expertise.”

Jen Croker
Director of Business Development
NYX Health Group

Atlanta B2B branding, advertising and marketing firm serves pediatric behavior consultancy

“We’re a startup in the pre-revenue phase. FLETCH instinctively knew that we needed a strong message to get started and is continuing to help us strategically.”

Brandon S. Aylward, PhD
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Healthy Child Development

Atlanta B2B branding, advertising and marketing firm serves gourmet coffee roaster

“I’ve been a corporate person my whole career. FLETCH is helping me go for my dream of making specialty coffee for people who really care. FLETCH understands the financial constraints of starting a business and has perfectly balanced fact and emotion to give me powerful messaging expressed through my new tagline and packaging. I’m looking forward to Phase 2.”

Kathy Pollard
Spirit Coffee Roasters

Atlanta B2B branding, advertising and marketing firm serves metals manufacturer

“Advanced Materials Technology is headquartered in Singapore, and we needed a marketing and branding firm that could help us grow our footprint in Asia, the United States and Europe. FLETCH has provided us with the research, insight and creative thinking we needed to expand our brand and launch new products.”

Kenny Lim
Head of Product Marketing
Advanced Materials Technologies

Atlanta B2B branding, advertising and marketing firm serves medical device manufacturer

“The FLETCH team is creative, strategic and business-oriented. Their marketing leadership helps Dornier MedTech meet deadlines, achieve our goals, differentiate globally and shine every day.”

Mary Butler
Chief Technology Officer & Vice President of Marketing
Dornier MedTech, GmbH