AMT Medical

Brand Transformation

What do metal injection molding, surgery supply sterilization and kidney-stone-busting lasers have in common? Much more than you might imagine. FLETCH and AMT Medical created opportunity where most would only see disjointed brands.


AMT Medical is a newly created brand that is part of an award-winning metal manufacturing company based in Singapore. Advanced Materials Technologies is known for their highly precise metal injection molding, high volume parts production and 3D metal printing. The acquisition of a leading healthcare product packaging company created an urgency to monetize product lines.


From a seemingly unrelated grouping of products and services, FLETCH and AMT Medical were able to define a niche brand that over-delivered in terms of customization and quality. Once the product offering was determined, we set out to transform and extend the AMT Medical brand into an overlooked category.


The FLETCH team quickly made itself an expert in the field of surgery supplies, their sterilization, distribution and customization.

We helped AMT Medical define the initial product offerings. FLETCH conducted extensive market research. With the client, we determined that the unique combination of a highly precise metals manufacturer, the sister company’s background in developing innovative medical equipment and the newly acquired company’s expertise in packaging, sterilizing and distributing surgery supplies created turnkey opportunities in the crowded medical device field.

Next, we developed several collateral pieces designed to educate hospital supply procurers and differentiate the brand from existing supply manufacturers.

FLETCH created customized microsites that fully explained the brand benefits. Our content developers fully communicated the complete line of AMT products and services and how they helped medical professionals deliver customized care.

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