At one time or another, we all worked at a big-name branding and marketing firm. But as time passed, we realized it wasn’t fair that only the big guys could access the big-time thinking we were offering. We also realized we could be just as productive in a small industrial park as in a luxurious high-rise.

So, in 2008, Keith Fletcher founded FLETCH to give growing companies the same global thinking the big guys were getting. One by one, we all joined him and codified that thinking into BizSynced. Since then, we’ve worked with dozens of companies around the world, with a focus on tech-related brands in the healthcare, insurance and manufacturing sectors.

Our Team

Keith Fletcher


Kelly Deases

Account Executive

Jim Badonsky

Creative Director

Steven Sieja

Senior Art Director

Rick Meekins


Mark Dinunzio

Business Strategy

Carol Niemi

Content Director

Vishay Singh

Digital Director

John Brown

Senior Writer

Andrew Lundstrom

Sales & Marketing

Jason Danyluk

Web Developer

Jill Anderson

Web Developer

Kris Cavanaugh

Project Manager

Clair Owens

Writer/Social Media