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Dornier MedTech is BizSynced

The Dornier MedTech Team at EAU, Munich, Germany

Make your marketing do more.

The world’s most successful brands all know that syncing all aspects of their business behind a single, unique, compelling brand message will make their marketing more streamlined, efficient and effective. The result is greater consistency in all areas of their company – sales, marketing, finance, customer service and even HR – and that leads to success.

Defining your brand in detail and writing it all down (yes, even start-ups) before you build a website, write a blog, tweet or design a tradeshow booth will help sync your marketing strategy with your business goals. When this happens, marketing becomes the key element in unifying everything and driving your business toward success. Everyone inside and outside your company knows:

  • What you do
  • Why you’re doing it
  • Why they should they care
  • How you’re different from your competition

With everyone synced behind a well-thought-out brand strategy, there is no more scrambling with what to say, how to say it or what visuals to use. It’s all figured out. Now, you can build anything because you have a brand toolbox to pull from that’s unique to your company.

As an example, we helped Dornier MedTech (the worldwide leader in lithotripsy) relaunch their brand at the EAU (European Association of Urology) tradeshow at in Munich, Germany, and here’s what happened:

  • 189 leads were generated (2016) vs 86 (2015)
  • Over 100 leads for ARIES
  • Over 30 leads for LASERS
  • Over 25 leads for ESWL
  • More than 75% were from new customers

Why did everything increase? Because their entire business was synced under the same brand strategy. You got it. They were BizSynced.

Why we created BizSynced.

Too many companies with great people and products fall short of achieving their business goals because they have no clear brand and marketing strategy that aligns with their business objectives – no clear foundation on which to build their business. The big brands all know this. That’s why they’re synced. FLETCH calls it being BizSynced and exists to bring its harmony to everyone else.

Now you have three ways to get BizSynced?

  • BizSynced Brainstorm
  • BizSynced Brand Roadmap
  • BizSynced FastStart

Which one is right for you?

BizSynced Brainstorm
One of FLETCH’s original BizSynced programs, this is a one-day brainstorming session involving all of your key players from every area of your business. It is a necessary step for both the BizSynced Brand Roadmap and BizSynced FastStart.

FLETCH deliverables:

  • A 10-to-15-page high-level marketing and branding action plan based on business and marketing goals discussed during the Brainstorm
  • Timing: First draft in about a week from the date of the Brainstorm

BizSynced Brand Roadmap
The other half of FLETCH’s original BizSynced program, developed to work in tandem with the BizSynced Brainstorm to offer the perfect solution for companies with a marketing director who lacks the in-house resources to execute the marketing programs necessary to grow their business.

A detailed brand outline with comprehensive verbal and visual components for building a consistent brand, the BizSynced Roadmap goes beyond the BizSynced Brainstorm based on further agency research and interaction with you and your key players. Multiple messaging sessions fully explore and define your unique values and differences. It also includes extensive graphic design exploration to create the right brand graphics to support your specific brand message. This guide is intended to be a complete roadmap for an ongoing comprehensive marketing program.

FLETCH deliverables:
The fully-bound BizSynced Brand Roadmap detailing everything needed to sync all parts of your company to tell your compelling brand story including:

  • Positioning statement
  • Unique brand promise
  • Talking points
  • Tagline
  • Logo design
  • Key graphic/design elements
  • Basic rules for use of logo, font and colors
  • Timing: Varies with the number of key people involved; can be completed in 6-8 weeks but typically, more time is needed with larger and overseas companies.

BizSynced FastStart
The newest addition to the BizSynced family – an abridged hybrid of the BizSynced Brainstorm and BizSynced Brand Roadmap, aimed at startups and companies that need to build their business from the ground up. Provides the basic components of branding and marketing to jumpstart your business, and can be tailored to your most immediate needs.

FLETCH deliverables:

  • Collaborative completion of our BizSynced worksheet that answers the key questions for building your brand strategy
  • A condensed version of the BizSynced Brand Roadmap with the most essential brand building blocks
  • Timing: 4-6 weeks


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