What makes us different?

BizSynced is our trademarked way of aligning sales, marketing and everyone else within the company to reach business goals faster. It provides the necessary verbal and visual components needed to communicate consistently and clearly – just like global brands. It allows companies to stop reinventing the wheel with every project and is the core belief behind everything we do.


Think Big

What makes the big brands big?

Of course, they have great products with great features and benefits, great pricing and great distribution. But the most valuable thing on their balance sheet is their brand – built on a clear message that sets them apart from their competition, attracts investors, excites customers, engages their own people AND aligns with their own business goals. Their business goals, their messaging and their creative executions are all synced. You see their name or logo and you know immediately what you’re getting and why you want it. At FLETCH, we call that being BizSynced.

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BizSynced gives you a roadmap to greatness.

By syncing your marketing with your business goals and the wants and needs of your customers, you’ll be able to sync everyone both inside and outside your company behind your core message. Your employees will be more engaged by knowing exactly what they need to do to grow the business. Your customers will understand how you uniquely meet their needs. Everyone will breath the same air. This is how you sell more. This is how you outsmart your competition. This is how you do it when your brand is BizSynced.

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Ooh, Good One

“If your startup genius is putting off branding ‘for later,’ and focused on building their brainchild, ask them to reconsider – or invest your own brand-building dollars as insurance. The future is uncertain, but it’s the only thing that lasts.”

Forbes magazine

Patrick Hanlon
How Building A Brand Radically Helps Protect Investors