Brand Transformation

One would think an industry as conservative as life insurance underwriting would have little room for change. Meet FORTAMUS, an innovative approach to maximizing profit in specialty underwriting. FLETCH helped change “no” to “yes.”


Started as Blue Sky Reinsurance Advisory, FORTAMUS was founded as a family underwriting business catering to the life insurance industry. A bit stodgy, somewhat conservative, similar to the competition yet offering blue chip products to brokers and agents, Blue Sky was a profitability concern. Enter a dynamic, smart, aggressive second generation CEO with revolutionary ideas on how to better serve the industry.

Realizing that a full five to ten percent of life insurance business is left on the table for various antiquated reasons, the CEO was determined to reshape the company to address this untapped opportunity. Blue Sky came to FLETCH with the challenge of repositioning the brand to better reflect its advanced approach to finding impaired case solutions for its clients, independent life insurance brokers and larger life insurance companies.


FORTAMUS’ unique, data-driven approach to placing life insurance for individuals normally denied was unseen in an industry dating back to seventeenth-century London. Their solutions-based (rather than just products) approach also differentiated the company. FLETCH determined that a complete brand transformation was needed in order to better reflect this revolutionary way of approaching life insurance underwriting.


We began by redesigning all of Blue Sky’s client-facing materials. Clean, modern design and simplified language provided clients with a clear understanding of the business and processes of placing impaired cases.

Next, we worked with the CEO to rename the company. FORTAMUS was chosen to reflect the financial strength and unique resources of the brand. Next, detailed brand guidelines were created to define a solid foundation to relaunch the company.

FLETCH’s content developers coined a new tagline, “The Strength to Say Yes,” giving the company a positive, forward-looking descriptor that alludes to its core business.

The FORTAMUS website was redesigned to maximize user experience, introducing a client portal and modern iconography to underscore the company’s technology-based, solutions-first philosophy.

To further differentiate the brand and educate the industry, we identified and pursued speaking engagements for the dynamic CEO. This created opportunities to educate brokers and agents on how to increase their business and improve their client offerings.

An inaugural marketing campaign, including social media, was launched to further transform the brand.

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