NYX Health

Brand Transformation

Hospitals and other healthcare providers write off tremendous sums of money every year. After multiple attempts to collect on an account, they usually give up because they lack the staff to follow up. NYX Health Group, a healthcare financial management services company, has the people and procedures to step in and recover the money for them. But despite the desperate need for their services, they needed help getting traction.

We matched their business goals to their market’s needs and developed a message they could use across all media content to articulate their amazing services. We then created a comprehensive roadmap to rebuilding their brand that enabled them to quickly respond to the short-notice needs of their sales people and executives.


“NYX Health needed a strategic partner to simplify our brand voice while helping sync our marketing and sales efforts. FLETCH’s ability to meet immediate short-term needs and at the same time develop much-needed brand consistency was done with an extremely high level of expertise.”

Jen Croker
Director of Business Development
NYX Health Group

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