FastStart for StartUps™

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Launch your startup from a solid foundation

So, you’re a startup with a great new idea and can’t wait to get out there and tell the world, right? Wait. You may have a game changing idea, but we’ve seen too many potential game changers flounder and fail for lack of a clear message and a solid brand foundation.

Whether you’re talking to customers, accelerators, angels or serious investors, we’ve been there and know that to get their attention, you need to communicate your idea clearly and consistently, both verbally and visually. FastStart for StartUps™ is more than just a marketing solution. It’s an essential business solution designed to help you attract customers and investors by looking and sounding like the company you intend to be from the very beginning.

Startup marketing essentials

FastStart for StartUps is a streamlined version of what we have been doing for larger companies for the past ten years. It’s a marketing package that lets you enter the market with crystal-clear messaging and basic branding tools that will help you stand out in today’s noisy world.

Is FastStart right for you?

FastStart for StartUps is designed for any new business – or even one that is rebooting. It’s right for you if you:

  • Are currently self-funding but plan to seek investment in the future
  • Intend to self-fund the entire business through launch
  • Have a potentially great idea and just want to “test” the market before going all in
  • Have a limited startup budget and “just need the basics”
  • Feel your currently marketing needs to up its game

Beyond FastStart

We’re versed in the formation, validation and growth aspects of startups. Once you’re past the early-money phase and ready to talk seriously to accelerators, angels and VC’s, we can help you build your business model canvas, investor pitch decks and a more detailed website.

Some of the specific issues we address are:

  • Information investors are looking for
  • How to explain your technology
  • The format they expect and prefer
  • Questions they might ask
  • Your organizational structure
  • Your marketing channels
  • How you will price your product

Free FastStart E-Sheet

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