Prime Power

Brand Transformation


Target industries in the Southeast


Pages of marketing materials with revised brand.


Average open rate on outreach campaigns.


Increase in sales with new brand look and messaging.


Telecomm account (previously lost) won after first month of new brand.


Prime Power is one of the largest power services companies in the southeast. Over the past 30 years, Prime Power has expanded their service offerings, broadened their footing within the region and increased the size of their engineering team. However, despite their investments to meet today’s energy needs, no updates had been made to their brand and the market was perceiving Prime Power as an old-fashioned and outdated company.  Furthermore, because of this perception, the company was experiencing difficulties attracting new business opportunities and recruiting top talent.

To mark Prime Power’s 30th anniversary, they decided to modernize their brand and on-going communication efforts internally and externally to create renewed excitement about the company.


FLETCH met with Prime Power executives and key staff members to understand the company’s brand perception and business goals. We then translated that into a roadmap of short and long term marketing activities designed to revitalize the brand while launching new campaigns designed to reinforce the company’s expertise and relevance in today’s marketplace.

To further re-energize the brand, we activated an internal communications program and advised on digital technology to optimize collaboration and productivity.


Working alongside senior management, technicians, as well as sales and marketing team members, we rebuilt Prime Power’s brand. With the company in position to reintroduce itself to the market, it began turning loyal customers into brand ambassadors, key employees into corporate leaders and lost accounts into new clients.

Prime Power’s new brand created so much buzz and excitement across the industry, it helped fuel new business opportunities, increase customer referrals and build a new level of credibility across the region.

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