Press Release – FLETCH Creative announces FastStart for StartUps™ – a marketing package designed specifically for startups

ATLANTAJune 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — As a response to a growing need in the Atlanta startup community, Atlanta branding and marketing firm FLETCH Creative announces the launch of FastStart for StartUps™ – the metro area’s first branding and marketing package designed just for startups.

“As more and more startups have come to us, we saw the need to offer them a streamlined version of BizSynced®, the comprehensive branding and marketing program we’ve been offering our larger clients for the past ten years,” said FLETCH President Keith Fletcher.

Based on the idea that many startup businesses fail because of the lack of clear, consistent messaging, FastStart for StartUps is a strategic business solution, designed to be implemented before funding, that enables startups to explain their new business idea to attract customers and impress investors across all traditional and digital marketing channels.

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