Everyone is on social media in one manner or another. Grandmothers are sharing pictures on Facebook, Makeup Artists are on Instagram showing their newest looks, YouTube Creators are gaming, cooking and sharing product knowledge, and Twitter is the fastest way to get a thought, idea, or new product seen with 280 characters and a picture, gif, or 2:15 minute video. But how do you take this interaction and make it useful?  The following article, ‘7 Ways to Use Social Media Customer Feedback’, by Sophia Bernazzani, shows you how this can be so much more than just saying your company name and showing a picture, it’s interacting with your customer base and letting them tell you what they like, don’t like, want to change, and want to keep.

Everything now is streamlined for instant gratification, it’s got to be fast, informative, fun and easy while still managing to let people say what they mean and give you honest information. Now, rather than sending out emails to prospective consumers and clients, a poll on Twitter that takes less than 2 seconds to answer makes it quick and easy for your customers to speak to you! People still feel the personal connection with the products even if it’s a short message announcing a change or asking to rate a product. Whether it’s Burger King asking people to show a picture of you holding a FrootLoop Shake for a shoutout or BravoTV asking if a series should get continued for another season, the interaction is effective, personal, and honest.

No matter which platform you begin using, having expert assistance overseeing your engagement is key. Whether you’re building your online persona or making video shorts to capture attention, you want to  have open ears, open minds and be asking the right questions to help you understand your customers likes, dislikes and changing needs so you can retain loyal consumers and gain new ones at the same time. Look at social media as the newest tool in your box. With the right touch it might just be the most powerful you’ve ever seen!

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