The Future of Advertising Is in the Hands of Ad Blockers

Ad blocking is good for advertising because it reminds us that our love affair with data has forgotten marketing’s most basic principle: It all begins and ends with the customer. There’s nothing new in this. It’s the essence of what we do at FLETCH.

In the following article in, Laura Desmond discusses how students and young adults use ad blockers to limit the amount of ads they have to see. They use discretion and intellect to choose which ads they accept and respond to, forcing advertisers to become more creative and innovative to capture their attention.

These new challenges are great for the future of advertising. Unless we’re presented with new challenges we don’t grow and improve. Whether it’s YouTube Red or OKCupid’s DTF, we are recognizing that ads need to be sharp, short, smart and to the point. No more sixty second ads filled with music, panoramic shots and repetitive dialogue – ten seconds can say the same thing in less time and not wear the listener out.

Enjoy the article and see what changes you can make to help your advertising become more effective in these new, faster times.


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