As every founder has experienced, they are always building two things, or two type of things. First is the product. The other is the company they are building around them. Building startups is a messy business. So how do you create amazing products as you’re right in the middle of creating a company?

According to Behance founder Scott Belsky, a big part of it is related to optimizing the product. While this might initially sound vague and elementary, Scott underscores the importance of continually iterating your product or service. He insists it is a field in itself, filled with product design, product management, user psychology and customer research. Simple solutions come more easily at the very beginning; the middle becomes more unstable and knotty. The game is to optimize your product(s) with the same focus you had during your honeymoon phase when you started your venture.

To build amazing products at this stage and beyond, you need to keep it simple. Customers flock to a simple product, but as you add features to “better serve” them and grow your business complication creeps in. This can push customers to another simple product. Simple is sticky – so stick to simple. This is not to say you cannot add features to your product.  As long as you keep the customer/user experience simple, you’re good to go. Read on to see how you can shape remarkable products through the messy phase of building your startup.


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