Many entrepreneurs and even seasoned CEOs believe that “if we build it, they will come.”  In other words, just because you’ve decided to do something doesn’t mean that everyone will line up to buy it.  And in 2016, we now have to acknowledge that we live in a world of technological breakthroughs and data overload.  But digital marketing is the happy medium.  It allows us as marketers to gain traction without using what we now as “traditional marketing.”

Let’s start with a definition of Digital Marketing: the cost-effective place to start by utilizing the internet, mobile phones, display advertising and other digital mediums.

Like with any program or initiative we have to decide how to get the biggest ROI for our investment – whether that is money, resources or times.  You need to sit down and decide what that ROI is.  Is it: search engines?  Web content? Blogs? Social media? E-mail direct? What is your strategy and what metrics will use to measure its effectiveness?

Not sure how to answer those questions?  Well, here are some things to consider:

Identify Alternatives That Make Sense

We are ALL guilty of it.  Latching onto that bright and shiny thing – that new platform or tool.  But think about it truly.  Does it make sense for you?  Or will it be a waste of money?  If it’s not a fit, then eliminate those shiny ticket items.  Sometimes keeping it simple is the best solution.

What Makes You Unique?

Every company, every brand has its own story – something that makes it stand out.  Digital marketing allows us to tell stories about our brand.  It allows us to establish our voice in the marketplace and to create visuals.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all different worlds and universes even.  They are not the same and they cannot be used in the same way for messaging.  Know who your audience is and then tailor your objectives to be specific, measurable and attainable for that audience.  Know what platform to use.

How Engaged Are You?

A digital marketing content path is the intersection of a blog, podcast and even a video.  Build a strategic roadmap and plan how to get to your final destination.  Again remember who your audience is.

Encourage Conversation

Just because you are now in a digital space does not mean you don’t listen to your customers.  In fact, we would argue that it means you need to listen even more.  The key is to listen first and then ask questions based on their responses.  Talk to your customers and not at them.  Remember social media is a vehicle.

One Brand and One Voice

Integrate touchpoints and consistent branding into every channel and platform your digital campaign is using.  If the content doesn’t connect, why are you using it??

Now just because we have focused on digital channels and digital marketing, this does not mean that you can ignore the non-digital channels in your marketing campaign.  Digital marketing is a vital tool that allows you to get your brand and company in front of customers in a cost-effective manner.  But like everything we do, even digital marketing requires a strategy, metrics, integration of your branding and company promise.

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