Fletch Sneak Peek: Brand Messaging

Have you noticed that most companies all have the same problem – difficulty articulating their brand identity? Can your company? Can your stakeholders describe your brand in a clear, concise manner? Keep in mind this is different from talking about your company. Framing your brand identity is being able to describe your brand/company in a powerful and understandable manner.

Brand messaging is utmost important.  How a brand or company positions themselves – how you resonate with customers and stakeholders – all boils down to your brand messaging.  This messaging should be developed with your target audiences in mind, and like anything else in business should be reviewed (and modified if needed) from time to time.

Brand messaging is what makes customers, influencers and stakeholders relate to your brand.  It’s how you inspire them, motivate them, and persuade them to buy your product or services.  Here are some brand messages you might recognize:

  • Nike: Just do it.
  • Subway: Eat fresh.
  • Publix: Where shopping is a pleasure.
  • Apple: Think Different
  • California Milk Processor Board: Got Milk?
  • State Farm: Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There
  • MasterCard: There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.

Now while taglines and slogans are catchy, there’s more to your brand messaging then than a memorable catchphrase.  And it’s this fact that confuses so many marketers when they start the messaging development process.  Here is what you need to take into consideration when creating your messaging:

  • Product Statement: This defines where you fit in the market
  • Target Audience: You’ll need to keep in mind who your ideal buyers are. Make sure your messaging resonates with them and their needs.
  • Tone of Voice: Define the tone of your brand. This all ties into your audience, too. Can you be fun and whimsical?  Or do you need to be more serious?
  • Mission: Your mission and vision are really the same thing. What do you want to accomplish?  What is your goal?  What are your company’s beliefs?
  • Brand Pillars: Break your brand positioning, mission and promise into “pillars.” These need to describe your most important selling points.  These pillars are the focus for all content creation.
  • Elevator Pitch: This is key! Describe your brand in 30, 60 and 90 second pitches.  Can you do it?
  • Brand Promise: This is your catchy tagline, and needs to target the customer, convey your mission and what you do.

Everything that is created needs to come back to this foundation.  And no – you cannot just come up with an incredible tagline or instant brand messaging and expect it to have both an impact and longevity.  Unfortunately you have to put in the work.  Look at all of your stakeholders and influencers – at your internal and external audiences.  Even look at your competition.  Differentiate yourself from them!  Don’t confuse your buyers.

Now that you have your brand messaging, make sure every piece of communication is consistent.  Remember you want your stakeholders to see your brand the way you have defined it.

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