Social Media – you hear those words hundreds of times a day, and if you’re in business you know just how influential social media marketing can be. But, you also know it can be a double-edged sword, a very sharp one, which has the power to propel your business forward extremely fast – and yet with a wrong move, it can drop your sales like a stone. It’s scary just how effective social media can be at changing the opinions of consumers, but it’s exciting if you understand how it works and how to manage it.

In the following guest article for Marketing Insider Group, you will learn five ways influential marketing executives advise businesses to keep their social media presence moving forward with a positive result. While the impact of marketing digitally has been difficult to track in the past, with new analytics and direct interaction possible, social media is definitely the place to go to get your message heard. The number of users across the global market is estimated at 2.6 Billion and rising every day, so it’s important to know how to focus your message, keep it consistent across the variety of platforms, and know where to put your money and time. Understanding who your clients are today and who your clients are going to be in the near future is key in targeting your marketing strategy through influencers, sponsorships, and branding messages.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, they and their ‘sister’ apps are a powerful medium in which to reach your core consumer. With personal attention and the right marketing strategy, you can watch your business become bigger and more successful than you ever imagined.

Take a look at the tips for improving your social media approach.


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