This article explains the current state of social media algorithms and how they prioritize content to users.

Below “based on” refers to the user, not the poster.

Facebook: engagement; the more “friends” engage with your content, the higher you rank on people’s newsfeeds.

Engagement is based on:




Instagram: the newest posts rank highest, but engagement is still important.

Twitter: personal relevance before timeliness, but engagement still counts.

“In case you missed it” posts Tweets in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent.

LinkedIn: personal relevance.

Based on:

Personal identity (workplace, skills, connections)

Content engagement

Personal behavior

The overall mission of LinkedIn’s Feed team is to help users be as productive and successful as possible. Instead of evaluating relevance based on click-through rates, LinkedIn analyzes a variety of signals to measure your interest including time spent reading, insights from your LinkedIn social graph, and user experience research. Therefore, brand success on LinkedIn is largely determined by time spent with shared content, likes, and comments. Again, it seems that engagement is core to pleasing the algorithm.


Facebook: Relevance

Instagram: Timeliness

Twitter: Relevance

LinkedIn: Relevance

Check out the full article on how social media algorithms work today.


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