In a choir, the voices must blend perfectly to make one cohesive sound. The sopranos, mezzo sopranos, the altos and tenors and basses must meld their individual voices and harmonies to make one rising song. There may be soloists, but even then, the choir must remain one group that holds the melody steady and clear, one full sound that is pleasing to all who hear. The same pertains to your brand voice.

You might not think that your brand voice is much like a choir, with blogs, articles, posts and advertising messages that cover different platforms to reach the widest consumer base. But the need for one sound, a clear message and recognizable tone are extremely important if your brand is to become solidly known and understood by those who see, read, and hear your company message.

In the following article, Erika Heald explains the methods to finding the voice you want to have for your marketing strategy and utilizes five steps to recognize and define that message and its tone. This is how every aspect of marketing makes you become an instantly recognizable brand in your field.  It is the basis for a solid, cohesive marketing plan that, much like the choir, blends every part of the harmony into one beautiful, recognizable song. Then as time goes on when you have new products or services to offer, your soloist voice can ring out with the security and comfort of your brand solidly behind, lifting up that new message for all to hear.

Read on to know the steps to establish, create, and maintain a desired brand voice.


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