Content marketing can seem overwhelming to track and organize with all the social platforms, your business website with links to new pages, email messages, as well as more traditional means such as posters, customer service support and point of sale fliers. With so many means to reach the consumer, it is imperative for you to have a cohesive message and still inform not only your targeted demographic, but also new customers who don’t fit inside the perceived ‘box’.

The following article helps show some common mistakes made by businesses in their content marketing strategies. Understand how each type of communication is utilized to keep your message focused, but tailored to the specific outlet, such as simple effective messages on Twitter, in-depth articles that educate the consumer with technical writing on your website, or lighthearted videos that are informative yet entertaining on YouTube. Your overall focus should be identifiable across all media and marketing materials.

Ben Jacobson lists three steps to guide you through the task of making your content marketing effective and manageable. Revisiting your purpose and sales funnel to make sure your message is reaching your customers in the most convenient and accessible way.

Once you know the audience you want to reach, you can tailor your content to appeal to them directly. For example, your blog for a manager buyer persona will be different than an Instagram video or email to executives you want to nurture and maintain. Knowing who your consumers are and using qualitative and quantitative research on your existing customer base is the best way to understand your targets.

The third and most important step is to organize and plan your editorial calendar. Once you know the message you want to send, how to reach your customers best, and the various methods to pique their interest, you need a schedule that keeps your customers interested and staying motivated buyers. With an overall marketing calendar in place, you will see what, where and who is keeping your business marketing effective and efficient.

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