How Building a Brand Radically Helps Protect Investors

Patrick Hanlon, a writer focused on branding and the power ideas have to transform, has produced an excellent article for Forbes in which he details a saying for the modern business that has been carried throughout generations in the South… ‘When it comes down to it, all you really have is your name. Protect it.” Now that might seem a bit old-fashioned when uttered with a deep Southern drawl, but you’d best believe it’s as accurate today as it was 300 years ago!!

Spending time on your branding is always important. No matter how many products you make, or services you offer, the public perception of your company name is what will continue to drive customers to you. Your brand and the impression it makes should be on your mind continually, as you introduce a new product, enter a new market, or if you are just at the ‘status quo’; you need to be measuring and evaluating your brand message and image to existing customers and new potential ones. Keeping your branding positive and effective is a continual job, and you never want to lose that focus Patrick Hanlon’s article puts these facts on the table and gives you the steps to make your branding effective and innovative.

Read Patrick Hanlon’s article ­”How Building a Brand Radically Helps Protect Investors” on at Forbes.…


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