‘You lose 100% of the shots you don’t take.’ Wayne Gretzky’s words have been emblazoned on shirts, signs, and repeated by about every coach, sales professional, and business leader the world over. We know we need to be proactive and take chances to get what we want in business and in life. But how often do we hesitate, procrastinate, and overthink until the opportunity has passed us by?

What holds us back is fear of failure. We don’t want to misstep and end up losing money, but at the same time if as a business we don’t take calculated risks then we end up losing anyway. The following article by Ian Chee and Jonah Disend for Adage.com explain three ways we can look at risk not as a liability but instead as an opportunity to take your products and services beyond the paradigm to find new ways to remix your brand or business. The key to making opportunities into expansion is understanding your brand and following these three important steps when deciding how and when to take that shot.

Take a look and see how changing the way you view risk and liability can motivate and accelerate your team into finding new business, new growth, and new money with creativity and confidence. No one wants to miss, but you have to take a chance if you want that slapshot and the cheers.

Credit: adage.com

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