The healthcare sector is one of the largest employers across the world where people can find stable employment and build a solid career. A few companies are trying to disrupt that space by introducing artificial intelligence (AI). The goal is to create a work environment where employees work in tandem with machines. A number of AI pilots are already in process and up and running. The need of the hour is for these companies to transition to ‘decision centricity’.

The idea behind centricity is to enable healthcare providers to make effective decisions using machine learning and AI. Decision makers will use the data they gather via the technology to make decisions as well as formulate policy. Mount Sinai, for example, aims to gather information from EMR and other data points to reduce time in bed for their patients.

The introduction of AI in healthcare will also impact organizations focusing on specific treatments. For instance, Fresenius Medical Care will use analytics, but in a pragmatic manner. Fresenius is a dialysis provider offering services across the nation. The provider will use 1,600 variables per patient to enhance their operational intelligence.

Those technologies will require approval from the FDA before complete deployment. Moreover, organizations have to find an effective means for implementing the technologies in a seamless manner. The AI and machine learning should work smoothly with the human providers already operating in this domain.

Anticipation is high for the introduction of AI in the healthcare sector. There is some way to go before the technologies receive widespread acceptance. Price is a concern that companies have to address before they can move ahead with seeking FDA approval. The bottom-line is that artificial intelligence will necessitate the healthcare sector to develop a digital workforce. Read on to learn more about how AI will disrupt employment in the healthcare domain.

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