Healthcare is a basic need, not a luxury for anyone dealing with a medical condition. Yet, hospitals are mostly driven by economics. They have to attract more patients, especially due to the rising level of competition between hospitals. Regardless of the scope and scale of a hospital’s marketing efforts, it takes an innovative approach such as guerilla marketing initiatives rather than sticking to conventional methods.

This involves addressing the needs of your target audience via social media and other technologies by changing the narrative from the superior quality of their healthcare services to how they address patients’ needs. Experts state that this change in marketing tactics is a shift away from the ‘build it and they will come’ strategy that hospitals followed in the past.

An integral part of this newfangled point of view is the ‘Amazon Effect’. In this day and age, where consumers can order and receive products from Amazon in a couple of days, doctors cannot expect patients to wait a week or longer for an appointment. Aligning what a hospital offers to how they address patients’ needs is the key to guerilla marketing. Meeting the expectations of your target audience is essential for achieving success.

Hospitals have to update and upgrade their marketing techniques, positioning themselves as leaders in a bid to change how providers target patients. Selecting the right marketing medium is also important for enhancing the results from guerilla marketing. Personalized and targeted advertising is possible through Facebook. Facebook ads are among the cheaper means of marketing available to hospitals today. Read on to learn more about why guerilla marketing is just what the doctor ordered for hospitals.

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