The initial human genome sequencing experiment cost a billion dollars and took over a decade. Just over two decades later, the entire process costs under $100. This example shows the rapid pace healthcare is progressing at. Indications of what healthcare will look like in 2040 are as follows:

The Lines Will Blur

Data will become ‘radically interoperable’ by 2040. Patients will receive personalized care, with plans focused on their health. The level of cooperation among the key players in the industry will increase, with the lines blurring. Moreover, health information will be far more accessible, with the requisite permissions in place.

Proactive Care

Incorporating artificial intelligence and virtual technology can enable caregivers to be proactive with offering care to patients. People can receive information and assistance in line with their behavior and lifestyle on a daily basis.

Deriving Value from Data

Patients have complete control over their data, and can share it with medical experts to seek advice and guidance. No longer do they have to count on healthcare practices using their information to make decisions for their wellbeing. Each professional a patient shares his/her data with can easily use it for providing their medical opinion.

A Change in Roles

As mentioned, the lines between different roles are likely to blur. Businesses and even doctors will be more open to sharing information with each other.

Consumers Learn to Treat Maladies

Thanks to the development in medical science, patients will be able to manage routine conditions. For instance, if you suspect you are coming down with the flu, you will probably have a diagnostic tool at home to get an accurate diagnosis.

Radical changes in healthcare could be the norm by 2040. Feel free to learn more about the major changes that are likely to materialize in the coming two decades.

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