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Your Company’s brand message is a critical part of your company’s very fabric. It is what the public eye sees and uses to distinguish your firm from others.

So what happens when things change? What happens when things have to change?

In Blake Morgan’s “Managing Your Brand Message Through Times of Change,” the author describes difficult times that Xerox phased as things around them changed, requiring that they alter their brand in order to stay relevant.

What would your company need to do when faced with change of this magnitude? Is your brand facing obsolescence? What other brands have we seen that faced a similar crisis and perhaps didn’t handle it so well?

Please take a look at this article and let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you.

Managing Your Brand Message Through Times of Change

By: Blake Morgan

Toni Hine, the CMO of Xerox, uses the approach of engaging with customers wherever it is most comfortable to provide with them information clearly and quickly. Toni’s marketing team works hard to be present where the audience is present. Xerox does a great job of putting its employees out into the field to interact with people using their product. This allows the company to receive feedback to help better themselves.

Another tool they use it staying in close contact with the customer because it allows them change things very quickly. Xerox is over 100 years old, which says a lot about them. This company has stayed successful from their hard work and putting the customer first. They are constantly adapting and changing to society all while keeping their brand honest and true.

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