A global marketing team is a crucial component of a company that is seeking to enhance their global footprint. Their role is to help figure out – region by region – what consumers want locally and nationally and what marketing mix is required in order to get them to buy. A great team knows that there is no “one size fits all” when approaching a global market and that the team must leverage its diverse knowledgebase and a pulse on current events locally and around the world.

In Lionbridge Marketing’s, “6 Core Roles of a Successful Global Marketing Team,” they describe the ideal global marketing firms and the assembly of professionals and capabilities that will make them successful.

Take a few minutes to look at this article and let us know what you thought about it. What points do you agree on? What do you disagree on? Why? Does this impact your thinking around how your team is or will be structured?

6 Core Roles of a Successful Global Marketing Team

by: Lionbridge Marketing

Executing a global marketing strategy (as opposed to a regional strategy) requires a bit more of everything: extra resources, more content, greater market knowledge, and additional languages, to name a few. To support this, you have to build your global marketing team accordingly.

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